4 Questions to Ask Before You Have Breast Augmentation Surgery

Have you ever as a woman felt that you don’t like the way you look and you wish you could change your appearance? In this sense I am referring to your physical looks, but most importantly I am referring to your breasts and wanting to change them in for whatever reason it is that you have.

In this article we will be touching on 4 questions to ask before you have  breast augmentation surgery, that way you will be able to make a more informed decision before going through with the process.

1. Why do you want the surgery?

This answer will vary from woman to woman but is one of the most important questions to ask, you need to be absolutely certain that this is the route that you want to go and weigh the pros and cons carefully.  You can change your appearance and it can change your life, you need to be comfortable with your choice.

2. Is my doctor qualified enough to perform the surgery?

This is another big question that you need to ask yourself as it could determine what your final results may look like.  You need to be sure that the doctors and surgeons are experienced and qualified as you definitely do not want to walk out of surgery looking worse than you did before.

3. What are the risks involved?

You need to be sure that you fully understand what the risks are that could happen if you decided to go ahead with the surgery.   Even though the chances of anything going wrong is rather minimal it is always better for you to know what could happen and be prepared to face it if they do happen.  Here is more information on the risks involved in breast augmentation surgery.

4. What does it cost for the surgery?

One thing you need to be aware of is that this is not cheap surgery and there is a lot more included that you might have knowledge on. You need to also find out what will and won’t be covered by the surgery fee and if anything goes wrong or you want to reverse the surgery what the costs involved are.

Breast augmentation is something that has become a common surgery and many woman out there are considering going this route in order to feel better about themselves, hopefully after reading this you have a bit more information on what the procedures involved are or what are good questions that you should be asking before going ahead.

Choosing the Right Surgeon for Breast Implants

As of today, millions of women have had their breasts augmented. It is well-known that most women who have undergone it are happy with the results, though there is also a small percentage whose surgery proved to be their worst nightmare. What does this outcome depend on: sheer luck or well-suited options? Let’s make a summary before you jump onto the table.

Credentials and Reliability

The physician in charge of the surgery should be certified to conduct this type of surgery. This is a must in all cases. So should be the staff that accompanies him or her during the procedure– the nurses, the patient coordinators and the anesthesiologist. It is paramount that everyone in the operating room abides by the rules of the American Medical Association and that they are intensively trained to carry out the surgery smoothly. At the same time, when searching for the right clinic or hospital, ascertain that their website and facilities go about with a reliable and safe appearance.


If you have already decided upon having breast implants, you surely know someone at work or at the gym who had it done some time ago. Ask for her physician’s telephone number or website. Ask if she went through any kind of problem and which were the tips the doctor pointed out during the first consultation. Gather as many recommended professionals as you can and pick out the one who has proved to be the best and caused any type of trouble. It might not be easy to choose the best surgeon for breast augmentation, so allow plenty of time in advance to stick with the safest choice.

First Impression

When the day of the first appointment has come, go ready and armed with questions. See in depth how this one professional handles his practice and what he or she offers at first hand. Spot pictures with the surgeries he or she has been in charge of and, in compliance with his statements, ask when it would be most convenient to perform the breast augmentation. If the date is way too rushed, you may be facing a definite NO. If the price is way too low, you may have hit the wrong practice as well.


Where is the surgery going to take place? Is it an accredited medical facility? How many physicians work there? Make sure you get this answers just right. Many times it has happened that women suddenly suffered from a heart attack or an allergic reaction and the operating room was just not suited to handle the emergency duly. If the breast augmentation is held in a well-respected hospital, you might be in front of the right choice as these are prepared to tackle every possible inconvenient.

And remember: during this procedure you will be entirely anesthetized. Do not take any kind of drugs prior to this day and make sure your physician remains thoroughly informed about your overall health condition.